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Churches in Ankeny: 7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Ankeny Church

by Keystone Church

Searching for Churches in Ankeny, Iowa?

Maybe you just moved to Ankeny or you’ve lived here a while and decided it’s time to get involved in a church. So you did a Google search. A number of search results pop up and now you’re wondering where to start. There are many great options, but each church in Ankeny has its unique niche and style.

If you’re new to the area, it can be daunting to find a new church and spiritual family. You want to make sure you have those connections and community, but you also want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Balancing what you’ve had in churches in the past with a desire for something new can be hard.

How do you even begin to look for a new church? So often we compile a list of churches and began the process of elimination, attending each one, crossing off the list those that don’t fit. What if you knew what to look for going in? What would you even begin to ask? Here are a list of some questions that I would challenge you to ask when choosing a church for you and your family?

Here are some Question To Ask

What are the foundational doctrinal beliefs?

Does the Ankeny church you are thinking about attending line up with, not just what you think is right, but God says is right? A person should know what the church believes before they even go there to check it out. I would say that if a church doesn’t have their beliefs on their web page or in a place where you can see them, then that is a red flag. You should know what any church believes about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Bible and Humanity.

At Keystone Church, we want to be clear about what we believe so you can know what you are walking into when it comes to foundational truths. If there is misalignment in this area, you will find it harder to get on board with where our church is going. We make our foundational truth simple but clear. You can check out the “Our Beliefs” section of our website.

How does someone get plugged into a new church?

It’s one thing to attend church, but it is an entirely different thing to begin living in a spiritual family. While most people first engage with us through a weekend worship service, at Keystone Church, we truly want to help people connect. It is our hope to help people understand and engage in their relationship with God, but we also want you to connect with others serving using their individual gifts.

Sunday mornings are only a small facet of what a Christ-centered life should look like; to really know and follow Christ requires intentional and authentic “life-on-life” relationships. Connection groups are the way we create that community at Keystone. Connection groups are between eight and 15 people, meeting weekly in homes all around the Ankeny area. Connection groups help us to become God-honoring families, to apply God’s Word to our lives, and encourage us to serve each other and our community. Get plugged in here.

How do you promote serving others as a church?

We are a spiritual family. God builds the church and our lives in the context of relationships. Within that relationship, we want our family to be serving each other sacrificially and in real ways, to meet the real needs of our community. We know that we’ve been given much here in Ankeny, and we must also give much back.

Part of that vision is how we reach the next generation, to move that gift of the gospel forward, to enable the next believer to know and follow Jesus. It’s why we put such an emphasis on kids, on youth, and on college students through the Salt Company.

What is your philosophy of Kid’s ministry and reaching kids?

“Jesus loves the little children of the world!” says the age old song. Young kids are impressionable as they soak up so much information that is shaping their lives. What your children learn at church is important.

This is why we take serious the environment your kids are in on Sunday mornings. Early in the life of Keystone, we saw that God was bringing us many families that had lots of kids. This trend is still apparent every week. As we began watching our kids’ attendance grow, we knew that we had to be ready to minister to kids in a unique way. We don’t believe that adults are the only ones that need to be equipped. We desire to partner with you to raise up kids that are difference makers.

churches in ankeny children

Sunday mornings are not just about providing a glorified daycare so that parents can drop off their kids and go to the main worship service. Our children’s ministry is a community for kids to learn about God in a language they understand and to worship with other kids their age. For more information on our Children’s Ministry see this section on our website.

With other churches in Ankeny, what unique calling and focus does this church have?

As we see the growth of Ankeny, we believe we have a responsibility to steward the gospel of Christ in this growing and thriving community. Our vision is to help people know and follow Jesus.

You won’t have to stay around long enough to see that we are a church on the move. We are actively reaching the next generation with our kids, youth, and college ministries. Further, we have a strong vision to start churches and collegiate ministries around the midwest.


What leadership oversight is in place?

The church is filled with imperfect people. Even with great intentions, it is possible for a church to make mistakes. Having solid leadership and accountability is a great need in the Church

At Keystone one of our values is shared leadership. While I am the lead pastor, the elders are the final authority of the church. These elders are affirmed yearly by our members and have a solid track record of godly living in the life of our Church. The rhythm of the elder team is to meet weekly to ensure the health of our church. They bring oversight and accountability to the church as they lead, feed, protect, and care for our household.

In fact, we empower multiple voices to lead and serve at all levels of our church. We call this plurality. You even see this demonstrated on Sunday morning. We have multiple teachers and worship leaders. We believe that the sum of our giftings are greater than the extraordinary gifting of one person.

We would love to meet you!

I hope these questions help your search for a new church in Ankeny. There are many great churches in our city. We’d love to have you visit Keystone, but if we are not where God is calling, we want to see you get connected SOMEWHERE!!!

If you have any other questions about getting connected at Keystone Church, we would love to talk with you!

In Him,

Brent Minter, Lead Pastor