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Our littlest ones will be well cared for in this classroom. Volunteers provide a safe environment where children can become involved in and learn about what interests them according to their own developmental levels. Teachers will follow a child’s lead while incorporating their own creativity. Parents are encouraged to share schedules and comfort measures that will enhance their infant’s experience. Infants move to our Walker room once they are walking independently.


Our toddlers enjoy playing and exploring in this classroom staffed by caring volunteers.
They are freely moving around the room, engaging with various toys while learning the
beginning steps to sharing. Their morning also includes a short Bible story focusing on
God’s creation and Jesus’ love for them. There is a Cheerios snack also provided. Walkers
move to our 2 yo classroom on the Sunday nearest their second birthday.

2 yo

This classroom of busy bodies is full of laughter and energy. Our two year olds follow a curriculum from The Gospel Project that has been developed specifically for their age group and developmental level. These lessons correspond with those taught in the older classrooms to provide families with a consistent message to discuss further at home. In addition to the bible story, children will engage in lesson related activities to enhance their learning. Free play and a Cheerios snack complete their time in class. 2 yo move to our 3 yo classroom on the Sunday nearest their third birthday.

Our Promise

Because we know how you cherish your child, our Keystone Kids team is committed to providing a safe, clean, and fun environment for your children so they enjoy their class time and you enjoy the worship service.


Before joining their classmates and starting their morning, kids must be checked in at one of
our check-in stations in the Keystone Kids commons.

We're Here to Help

We want to make sure your kid is having a great time and you’re able to fully engage in our worship services. If you have any questions about Keystone Kids, please email Erin Carlson.