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The elementary students will dig into the Bible by studying God’s word using The Gospel Project curriculum, which provides a Christ Connection for each lesson. Their understanding is enhanced through active games, challenges and hands on activities. While this is a great opportunity for learning, it also encourages community and fellowship even at this young age. The kids will enjoy a goldfish snack and be able to bring home lesson supporting materials to share with you. The children in this age range will transition classrooms in line with the academic calendar.

Our Promise

Because we know how you cherish your child, our Keystone Kids team is committed to providing a safe, clean, and fun environment for your children so they enjoy their class time and you enjoy the worship service.


Before joining their classmates and starting their morning, kids must be checked in at one of
our check-in stations in the Keystone Kids commons.

We're Here to Help

We want to make sure your kid is having a great time and you’re able to fully engage in our worship services. If you have any questions about Keystone Kids, please email Erin Carlson.