The Daily ROAD

Spend Time in God’s Word This Year

While many desire to have more interaction with God’s Word, we realize people often struggle with the skill or will of consistently engaging with the Scripture.

That is why we have designed The Daily Road. To help you get started, we have created some helpful Daily ROAD resources including a guidebook, a journal, reading plans, and in-depth video tutorials.

The Daily ROAD Framework

The Daily ROAD is a simple framework that will help you gain courage to approach the scripture and give you focus and depth to your time no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. This framework will work for you if you have 10 minutes or 1 hour.

The Daily Road framework utilizes the acronym R.O.A.D. (Read, Observe, Apply, Discuss) to guide you through your time in the scripture.

At Keystone Church, our deepest desire is to help you know and follow Jesus. The greatest tool in our hands to accomplish this task is the Bible.

Let’s spend quality time in God’s word together in 2020!


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