Connection Group Resources

Connection Group Support Team

The Connection Group Support Team is here to be a first-contact resource for any need that arises in your group. Feel free to contact anyone on this list: 

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Connection Group Leadership Podcast

Have you listened to our podcast? We will be adding new content as it is available. Please let me know if you have any questions about how to listen to this content, or if you have any suggestions on topics that you would like to see covered in this private podcast.

Connection Group Leader Playbook

Included in the Leader Playbook is the vision and information needed to lead a connection group, as you foster a spiritual family that seeks to know and follow Jesus. We hope this playbook is helpful whether you're a first, second, or third-year leader.

planning center

Planning Center Instructions

Technology can be hard and we don't want that to be a hardship in your leadership at Keystone. We use Planning Center to manage our connection groups, communicate with our people, take attendance, and keep rosters up to date. There are minor details, but details that make a big impact. Here are some reminders of how to implement these details well.

Care Resources

As leaders, we aren’t expecting or asking you to be an expert in all things connection groups. All we ask is that you are faithful, available and teachable. Below, we have provided you some resources that will guide you through ways to care for the people in your group well.


We want to make sure you feel empowered to lead your connection group well. Please lean on these discipleship tools to help equip you.