Keystone Church exists to help people know and follow Jesus


We stand in awe of God’s Word

God’s word is alive and it changes everything.

We are a spiritual family

God builds the church and our lives in the context of relationships.

We give like it all belongs to God

Everything we own is a gift. We joyfully give back our time, talents, and treasure to build his kingdom.

We expect God to be among us

As we worship we eagerly anticipate the presence and work of God in our life.

We are works in progress

Nobody is perfect, but we should all be growing as we follow Jesus.

We are on the move

We live by risk-taking faith to follow Jesus. We want to see his kingdom make an impact in our community and around the world.

We reach the next generation

We are a multi-generational church who loves and  intentionally reaches the next generation.

We share leadership

We empower multiple voices to lead and serve our church. We call it plurality.

We live and act for the glory of God

Everything we do is to make God famous.


Below is a true yet simplified version of our beliefs. It captures the basic contours of our theology. For a more comprehensive statement, please download our full Statement of Faith.


Pastoral Staff

Todd Wallace

Worship & Community Pastor
Austin Wadlow

Salt Director & Teaching Pastor

Ministry Staff

Will Mitchell

Youth Ministry Leader
Abby Crawford

Office Coordinator & Assistant
Ben Bradley

Communications Lead
Jessi Bartello

Keystone Pathway & Connection Group Coordinator


Headshot_0006_Brent (1)
Brent Minter

Lead Pastor

Headshot_0002_Todd (1)
Todd Wallace

Worship & Community Pastor

Headshot_0008_Austin (1)
Austin Wadlow

Salt Director & Teaching Pastor

Headshot_0010_Tom (1)
Tom Butler


Headshot_0009_Steve (1)
Steve Ross


Headshot_0011_Phillip (1)
Phillip Ramsey


Randy Woodbury