Keystone Equipping

Keystone Equipping is one of the primary ways to help you know & follow Jesus. Check out all of the Equipping events below.


Connect with other people at Keystone through events designed to create community and deepen your faith.

Knowing and following Jesus happens best in community. Connecting events help you meet other people here at Keystone and provide opportunities to grow in your faith.

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If you're new to Keystone or new to knowing and following Jesus, these equip classes are for you.

Join us for a Vision & Values class in the Fall or the Spring. These are 1-4 week classes designed to help you know and follow Jesus even more.



Get answers to your pressing questions on how to be Gospel-formed, live well, and respond faithfully.

Through our Equip Essentials, seminars, workshops, and other studies, we want to equip you to know what the Bible says about our culture's pressing issues and how we can respond in a Christ-like way.



Grow deeper and wider in the truth of the Gospel, God's Word, and Christian doctrine.

Our 6-8 week classes for men and for women provide you with in-depth Bible studies on biblical topics, all done in community with others.


Equipping through Gospel-centered, one-on-one relationships.

Want to be discipled or mentored? Click the button below to get the process started. We'll connect you with a mentor that is equipped to guide you.

Interested in being a mentor? Click the second button below to fill out a questionnaire form.

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Online resources to equip you to grow in the Gospel and engage the world.

We've designed a library of resources to help those who have the desire for more interaction with God's Word but who struggle with the skill or will to consistently engage.

You will find some helpful resources including books, commentaries, sermons, Bible reading plans, and other online content on a variety of topics.

Latest Equipping Resources

Women’s Equip | Fall 2019 | Week 4

By Mere Agency | October 30, 2019

October 30th, 2019

Women’s Equip | Fall 2019 | Week 3

By Mere Agency | October 23, 2019

October 23rd, 2019

Women’s Equip | Fall 2019 | Week 2

By Mere Agency | October 16, 2019

October 16th, 2019

Women’s Equip | Fall 2019 | Song “The Ten”

By Mere Agency | October 9, 2019

By Micaela Dyer October 9th, 2019.

Women’s Equip | Fall 2019 | Week 1

By Mere Agency | October 9, 2019

October 9th, 2019

Men’s Equip | Summer 2019 | Week 4

By Mere Agency | August 1, 2019

August 1st, 2019 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. Give an example of a struggle you have with selfish ambition. In your marriage or, if single, with friends and family. At Work. 2. What techniques do you use to battle against selfish ambition? 3. In what area of your life are you most prone to conceit? What do…

Men’s Equip | Summer 2019 | Week 3

By Mere Agency | July 29, 2019

July 25th, 2019 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What “rocks” have you clung to in life that couldn’t hold you? 2. Has there been a time in your life where you hit spiritual rock bottom? Who or what did God use to help you see clearly and move you out? 3. In what way has your view…

Men’s Equip | Summer 2019 | Week 2

By Mere Agency | July 18, 2019

July 18th, 2019 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What are the differences between worry, anxiety and planning? 2. State the one primary worry in your life right now that is causing you anxiety. (Be specific and list only one) 3. Go one level deeper…what is the underlying fear or concern that is causing this worry / anxiety?…

Men’s Equip | Summer 2019 | Week 1

By Mere Agency | July 11, 2019

July 11th, 2019 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. There is a progression of sin in verse 1 (“Walking” “Standing” “Sitting”). What are one or two areas of life where it’s easy for you to get “stuck” in sin? 2. In verse 2, the Psalmist talks about “delighting” in the law, and “meditating” on the law. What are…

Men’s Equip | Spring 2019 | Week 4

By Mere Agency | March 7, 2019


At Keystone Church, our deepest desire is to help you know and follow Jesus. The greatest tool in our hands to accomplish this task is the Bible.
If you have any questions about Equipping, please email