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Student Safety & Communication Policy

Thank you for choosing to entrust your students to Keystone Church! Our mission is to partner with parents like you to help students know & follow Jesus.

Keystone’s youth ministry takes place in three contexts: Large group gatherings, led by Keystone staff; Small groups, known as Connection Groups, led by volunteers; and 1-on-1 discipleship by both staff and volunteers.

Our policies and procedures outlined below are designed to help your student participate safely in each of these contexts.

Safety Team

Keystone provides a safety team at our weekly gatherings and all large scale events to ensure that trained professionals are able to respond to medical issues, threats, or other situations that may arise. These teams undergo thorough training so that our students can worship and gather without fear.

Connection Group Leaders

Your student’s Connection Group will be led by volunteers committed to reaching the next generation. These key volunteers will lead the same group of students for as long as they are involved in our ministry, giving them the opportunity to build deep, meaningful relationships. This is a huge responsibility and our leaders are trained and governed by the following policies:

Selection & Onboarding

Prior to leading in our ministry, every adult must complete an application, interview with a staff member, and pass a background check and reference checks to ensure they are trustworthy and capable.

These leaders must be already participating in a Keystone Connection Group with other adults and have a track record of accountability in pursuing their own personal spiritual growth.


Our leaders undergo annual training and event specific training to ensure that they have the tools they need to lead and shepherd students effectively and safely through any situations that may arise.
Specifically, our leaders are trained with clear escalation and reporting procedures for mental health and safety concerns such as abuse, suicide, and self-harm where a student may be in danger or a danger to themselves or others.

Child Protection Policy & the Rule of Three

All adults working with minors at Keystone Church are trained in and have agreed to abide by the Keystone child protection policy.

To ensure safety in small group and 1-on-1 discipleship scenarios, we are committed to the following:

    1. Leaders may not be alone in a vehicle with a minor.

    1. 1-on-1 meetings with a student should be in a public place, such as a coffee shop or restaurant.

    1. Meetings held at Keystone Church should be during business hours or when the building is staffed with others and not behind closed doors or away from public view.

To view our full child protection policy, please click here: Keystone Child Protection Policy


Digital Communication Guidelines

Student Communication

Students who join a connection group and provide their phone number may be added to a group chat using GroupMe and/or SMS/MMS messaging. These groups facilitate belonging, encouragement, and accountability, and provide real-time communication of information and events.

Additionally, leaders and students may desire to communicate directly outside of the group chat for discipleship matters or logistical questions, such as arranging meeting times/places.

The following expectations apply to all leader communication with a student: 

    1. Leaders will not text or communicate 1-on-1 with a student without the prior written consent of a parent or guardian using our Communication Preferences form.

    1. Without prior consent, all messages from a leader will require at least three parties in the chat. Either one leader with multiple students or one student with multiple adults.

    1. All messages should be sent and received with the expectation of respect, but with no guarantee of privacy or confidentiality.

    1. Keystone staff and volunteers are not permitted to delete or edit message history with a student on any platform.

    1. In the event of an inquiry, all message history will be turned over to staff or elders upon request.

If, at any point, you would like to update your student’s communication preferences, click the button below.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the information listed above, please reach out to Erin Carlson, Senior Director of Family Ministries, at

Erin Carlson
Senior Director of Family Ministries