Assistance at Keystone

Keystone will offer assistance to qualified families to help with adoption expenses. To be a “qualified family,” fill out the Adoption Fundraising and Grant Form using the button below. Once you have filled out this form, as a member, you may be approved to begin fundraising through Keystone. The adoption grant will be given once your adoption is finalized.

Grant Options

Additional Information

Additional funds raised by families through Keystone will be available earlier.

Families can ask donors to make checks payable to “Keystone Church” and designate the funds to the adoption account. They can also suggest which family they would like the fund to be given to. Online giving is also available at our Adoption Support webpage.

If a family raises more than $10,000 / $5,000 per child, the excess funds will remain in the adoption account for other families. If a family does not raise support, Keystone will still offer the appropriate grant for adoption expenses. If for some reason the adoption falls through, the funds raised will not be returned to the donor, but will remain in the account and used for other adoptions.